Yellow lines and tire marks, sunkissed skin and handlebars.

Well, today's my 3rd-to-last day at work at the bookstore for the summer! Woohoo! I'm going out with a bang, since today rather than sitting at the desk writing letters and reading all day I was packing/carrying huge boxes with 600 lb. books in them. Oh well, if my back breaks at least I'll get worker's comp! Also 25 of the miles which I drove today were heavily filled with smoke. Right FOREST FIRES in Lakeland! Don't worry, I haven't seen the flames yet.

ReepiJeep and I have been getting very close recently in my 30-mile-each-way commute to LOCB. I've also been bonding with Sara Bareilles, Jason Mraz, and of course JB every morning and evening. So that's great. ReepiJeep holds 70$ worth of gas, which is not great. You know money's tight when you drive on empty as long as you can, put 7$ in, the gas light stays on, and you drive to and from church with it on again. But that's ok because the Lord provides in surprising ways, like a long-lost-paycheck in my room which allowed for enough gas to get to/from work this week. :)

La and Gwen come in ONE WEEK and I'm so excited. Ready to be with them for a few days when I'm not working before Camp Friends. I leave for Camp Friends tour a week from next Wednesday! CRAZINESS. I thought this pre-camps segment of the summer would go slower (and honestly it seems like it's been a year since graduation, but only a couple of days of summer. Weird...Maybe because I'm sleeping a lot.) I'm so ready for tour though, in a completely terrified sort of way.

Things I'm praying for right now:
..That my prayer life will be stronger
..That my EmmaA. has strength and cheer this summer
..That my Kate can get love and encouragement from nannying and be a positive influence
..That I can be an influenced and not merely be influenced on CF tour
..That I won't get sick on CF tour (that's...a lot to ask. But I believe it can happen!!)
..That I'll be patient and steady in my lack-of-contact-with-William

9 weeks is a lot of campy-stuff. I'm so grateful for the opportunity and feel a lot of pressure. So pray that I can represent FC well but more importantly represent Jesus well this summer. Definitely out of my comfort zone, but hey, I guess most things that cause growth ARE out of my comfort zone. Also zone starts with a Z so I feel compelled to use the word ZETA here. #4life

Also I get really insecure about lots of things and choices and futures and what I'm doing with my life. So you might pray about that. I just need to let go and live right and let God lead me through green pastures.

"The blues are because you're getting fat, and maybe it's been raining too long. You're just sad, that's all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you're afraid, and you don't know what you're afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?" -Holly Golightly #breakfastattiffanys #firsttimeseeingit

Uhmmm. Ok. Well it's 4:38 and I close up at 5 so I'll go start dimming lights and turning up A/C and closing up shop (literally). EmmaA, I love that you blog now. It's my favorite. #sisterhood

EmmaA and JP (and Hayley and whoever else?) can we read something together this fall? Like a spiritual book club? #keepingontrack

Also, letter writing is my favorite thing as of late. It's like happy mail but since it's a letter you feel compelled to write more so it's like...really happy mail.

Also, the Korean guy from the nail salon next door literally stands outside my bookstore for 6 hours every day talking on his phone. WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO. That's all I want to know.

Summer hashtags: #hitchcock #mraz #jb #william #barnesandnoble #foggydayinlondontown #judges #textbooks #chocolatemilk #lackofCFA


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  1. I would LOVE a spiritual book club. Maybe a few devotions in there too. Beth Moore, anyone? :)

    You're going to be a great CF. He'll shine straight through everything you do, and I'm so thankful that you're going to be going - just wish you were coming to SoCal - with me! :( But one Emma is good enough for two in some situations, so I'll be ok with E-Lo. She was, seriously, the best person to go on a road trip with. I couldn't have imagined it any better.

    I love you. Thank you for your encouragement, your love, and your mind. I am sorry for this year at FC - I was off. I was goofy... and I never felt myself. Now that I'm away - I kind of feel like I can breathe and be honest with myself. It's nice, even though I appreciate the time there.

    No more book store, I assume?