Grey sweatpants, no makeup, so perfect, our love was comfortable.

College definitely fills my time up enough that every time I even think of something deep or interesting to post, I don't have time. So this post probably won't have either deep or interesting thoughts. But I felt like updating and I am sitting in the library "leading an S.I. session" that no one came to.


It's been a crazy month-or-so, very busy with school, getting to know great new friends, going on Fall Break, and experiencing countless of God's blessings daily. This year has been so different and so good and so hard, combining for lots of growth (hopefully) and lots of fun. 

Highlights since I posted in September:
.A week in which I had 5 tests and Falcon Days and thought I was going to die but didn't
.Getting a high B on the Pacific War test that I thought I failed
.Several wonderful Genesis studies at Micah and Kathryn's apartment
.Several wonderful Luke studies
.Madeline Bunting's beautiful wedding
.PTK conference at Stetson University. Nerd herd unite!
.ZetaBeta Halloween party (I went as Daniel Broadwell)

Speaking of which, Fall Break. Let me just tell you about that. It was wonderful. Here's how it went.

Wednesday: Finished classes and left school (it's funny how when we leave for 3 days we have to hug everyone and say bye like it's forever. Ohhh first semester.) at about 4:00 pm, got to our overnight destination in Atlanta at about 12:30. Watched Despicable Me (best movie ever) until late with Jackson and Cole while the other girls caught up, and then got up Thursday and drove to Bowling Green (passed through Nashville for delicious lunch and a hug from cousin Lynn). Got to Bowling Green and GORGEOUS weather in the afternoon, and I got to meet my best friend Sarah's sister Stephanie and brother-in-law Gerald and hang out with her chubby nephew Garrett for some of the evening, which was just great. Hugging Kelsey and Sarah again was wonderful and going to dinner with Logan Spears was great and encouraging also.



Best friend.

Oh Garrett.

Friday Sarah and I got up and went to the mall (she desperately needs cowboy boots but we ended only getting clothes for me) and then went consignment shopping before meeting up with lovely Jenna and Anna and Kelsey for a trip to Jackson's Orchard, where we got to take loads of pictures and see gorgeous fall colors and pumpkins and apples and be children on the playground and drink incredible apple cider slushes. Then we went to dinner at Kyoto, which is so far my favorite BG restaurant, and Sarah and I headed off to Lauren Lamb's for a "western" party where I got to see loads more people I love. Later evening consisted of sweatpants, TV, talking with Sarah, and packing for SATURDAY when the trip back began.

The girls.

Since Sarah's the best friend ever, she got up at 6:20 on Saturday to take me to Nashville to meet back up with Jenna Pepper and Anna, where we (E, JP, A) said bye to her and Kelsey and went to chill with the Peppers for the day. The Peppery day involved Books a Million, coffee, pumpkin muffins, Auburn football, long naps, lots of laughter, and a bonfire in the evening before we headed down to Atlanta. Where we arrived at around 1:30 am, back at the Pettys' house.

Sunday we worshipped at Alpharetta (challenging thought of the Sermon on the Mount class by Mr. Petty: "Jesus will not allow us the comfortable solutions we propose. We have two choices, the narrow gate or the broad.") which was really encouraging and different from always having worshipped at Embry Hills when I visited Atlanta. Mrs. Petty made a great lunch for Jackson, Cole, and me, and then we hit the road (Jack) for a smooth trip back down to Florida where we arrived at about 8:30. Promptly went to eat with Rachel and then went to the devotional and reunited with my suite (it's embarrassing how much I missed my roommate in those 4 days).

Overall, I couldn't imagine anything going better than it did, and I'm SO grateful for the friends I got to see and the beautiful weather we had. It was the perfect taste of fall and crisp weather and beautiful friends, and tiring but relaxing. Both.

So grateful for the chances I have this year, so grateful for the future things that are coming up that I'm getting to take part in, (banquet, Andy Grammer/Colbie Caillat concert tomorrow, worship with my family at Lutz tonight, Zeta girls party Friday night, the list goes on and on.)

A few thoughts that have humbled me lately (from the Luke study, Genesis, reading, etc.):

  • "Be fishers of men, not keepers of the aquarium." Reach out. Don't judge who you think will receive the Gospel. Jesus came for the outcasts.
  • Blessings are GRANTED, not deserved. 
  • "If you're wearing old ratty clothes, you can't just patch the holes with Jesus. You need a whole new garment, a whole new lifestyle. Start over." (Luke 5:36-39)
  • "Years of hate from a whole village couldn't bring Zaccheus the tax collector to God, but one day of Jesus' love did."
  • Comparison is the thief of joy.

Comfort passage of the week:
"The Lord will fight for you. You need only be still." Ex. 14:14

Thanks for reading another scattered, narrative, ridiculously long post about an insignificant person.

Love you. Pray for me, I pray for you. And pray for the people who are lost and missing out on God's family plan. It's tragic the love they're missing out on.