you get lost, you can always be found.

Just sitting in Dr. Crispell's office, finished copying papers for him and now I'm reading about American History internships in DC and listening to Drake Pledger discuss World War paper topics while he spins his grey Civil War soldier cap in his hands and Dr. Crispell sits twirling his spectacles. I'm grateful for this job, this office, the Rachmaninoff music that plays softly in the background while I work every day, the coffee, the mentoring from Dr. C, etc. I know I'm in the right place when I sit in here and get to do research on American History from Dr. C's extensive book collection and get paid for it.

My semester so far. (Sorry, Emma, if I double up on anything you're going to read next week when you get the letter I'm writing you in my free time.) My classes are so good. I am only taking 12 hours, which is lovely because I'm in classes fewer hours during the week. Classes are demanding but very useful and interesting. Job has been so powerful even just in the first 2 weeks (Mr. Peeler), Personal Finance is shockingly interesting. Who knew what mutual funds and stocks and bonds did? Not me.

Living with Katie is amazing. It's great having my own room for my grumpy and unsocial moments (which are, by the way, less and less frequent) but we have already had so many good talks and singing with her or talking to her about God lights up every day. So grateful for our homey and cheerful suite. Living on 4th floor is the best (QUIET and sleep-conducive.)

Yes, I've already managed to get sick enough for anti-biotics. But hey, what's new. I've also gotten to see Joe and Lauren and Gwen already this semester and I'll get to spend more time with them in the next few weeks which is very exciting and unusual. I'm researching internships in Washington D.C. for the summer.... :)

Happy prospects for the upcoming year: watching the next Zeta generation flourish and become best friends. Finishing my first semester of history paper presentations and not failing (hopefully). The leadership dinner with Ben Carson. Meeting my NEPHEW Andy and my NIECE Bella :) Becoming even closer to the teachers and friends around me who have already taught me so much about love and God and laughter. Letters to and from Emma A. and Ashley and Hannah G and Kathryn B. I love pen-pals.

Counting blessings. There are still things that worry me, questions I need to answer, things I don't understand, and heartaches. But God has been so good to put me in this place and give me a time of preparation.