i've got a ticket for the long way 'round, the one with the prettiest of views.

It's 11:31 and I have 6 pages to write before I can go to sleep. I'm tired enough that I wrote "right" instead of "write" twice just trying to get that once sentence written. So I decided maybe it would be easier to face this paper if I make a list of some blessings I've felt today. Another avenue of procrastination, I suppose. But a valuable one.

Reasons I'm joyful:

-Jose gave me a large coffee and a croissant just now for $1.06.
-I got to study at Starbucks with some of my favorite people tonight.
-I'm writing a paper on a story that I think is totally awesome.
-My best friend EmmaA comes in 27 days.
-I have 2 beautiful nieces and a nephew who will be here soon.
-My Christmas tree lights up my room. Still. NEVER TAKIN' IT DOWN.
-Downton Abbey online.
-Useful sermons.
-Powerful writers.
-Classes I love.
-My boyfriend is...incredible. Understanding. Wise. Thoughtful. Fun.
-I live with Katie. Makes me laugh every day.
-I get to worship God with almost all of my best friends sitting within 2 feet of me every morning.
-Lovely weather.
-Columbia jacket.
-Bagels in the cafeteria.
-New babysitting job to provide.
-Dear, dear, dear friends insisting on buying me gas because they heard I was out and struggling.
-Hugs from my little brother.
-Cheap banquet dress.
-Visits from my Sarah Nale. #SpringQueen2011
-Godly teachers and friends.
-Down comforter.
-Pictures of loved ones on my wall.
-Get to pick Danae up for class in the morning.
-Juice Plus.
-Sugar free diet giving me hope of being healthier.
-Prayers with Wm.
-Achieving Bible study goals for this month.
-Laundry quarters from my Mom.

God is just so good, and there's no reason to fret.

These are the days to hold on to.