Ye who are weary, come home.

As thankful as I am for what I know God has done and is doing in my life, I've just realized recently more than ever how incredibly powerful and active He is. God isn't just a vague spirit who generally is shaping creation to meet the goals He has for it. He's active. Acting on the behalf of millions and billions of sinners who are working against Him. The persecuted God, acting on the behalf of the persecutors. And it's not just comfort or provision or little things. He's doing big stuff. He's working salvation and joy in our lives that we don't even see or understand. He's answering prayers in big ways, not just small or hard-to-see or gradual ways. I hope my telling you about God's wake-up-calls in my life will build your faith in prayer, too.

A few weeks ago William got a call that they'd found a tumor in his Papa's brain, probably malignant and probably a tumor that broke off from cancer elsewhere in his body. Shell-shocked, we prayed hard and got scared and sad and prayed more. The next day the doctors found that it was an abscess  not a tumor. They did surgery and cleaned it and he's recovering. A big recovery process, but nothing compared to dealing with cancer. That's God. That's action.

The past month I made a commitment with myself that I would focus my prayers on my Papaw. Mom's Dad has always been funny, nice, and moral. But he's never obeyed the Gospel or even really shown interest. Sunday night I got a call that my Papaw, my healthy and 77 year old grandparent, had a massive stroke and wasn't going to make it. I prayed all night that he would have any time to wake up enough to decide to be spiritual before he passed on. Any time would make me feel better. Even if he didn't take advantage of it, I just want this to be something that caused him to recognize his situation. I know God's given him SO much time. Monday morning Mom said the doctor said he's woken up. Recognized people. Now he's moving his right AND left sides. Mumbling. Cried during a prayer. I mean, even if he doesn't make it, this has proved so much to me about God's patience, His awareness of our hurt and prayers, and His desire to give everyone as many chances as He can. That's amazing. I honestly believe God is giving Papaw time, and I honestly believe that if He can soften the hearts of people like Saul of Tarsus, He can soften James Bolen's heart too.

Thankful today that when sorrows like sea billows roll, I serve a God who can control the storm.
Thankful today that I serve a God who is waiting with open arms to welcome wayward servants.
Thankful today that God is opening my eyes to see His powerful responses to prayer.

Happy things:
Katie's birthday.
William is teaching a Calculus class this week because he's a genius.
William got a paper airplane doorstop.
I haven't gotten sick all semester.
New music suggestions from Katie.
Living in College Hall with Lauren and Caitlyn next year.
EmmaA comes in 11 days.
My Papaw is alive.
It's beautiful outside. 
Flair pens.
I have quarters for laundry.
Google doc talks with my sisters.
Happy mail.
Juice boxes in my fridge.
Valentine's day.
Studying for history tests with Anamaniacs videos.
Sugar free Dark Chocolate Mocha iced coffee. #DD
USF library.
Tijuana Flats (hinthint)