Beginning of an Era

Well, I figure that a solid year between blog posts is probably plenty.

As is my general pattern, several large events have occurred since my last blog post:

I have recently gotten engaged (February 1), embroidered bridesmaid gifts, gone on my first skiing trip, stressed and smiled over several of SBGA-planned events like our formal spring banquet, graduated with my Bachelor's Degree, and moved into my first apartment.

A miniature photo history of these major events:

Our engagement was the perfect mix of my romantic dreams and William's brilliant originality. I'll post about that sometime—it deserves a blog of its own. 

I asked my bridesmaids to participate in the wedding with embroidered images of themselves—I may or may not have sewn them before I actually had a ring on.

The skiing trip was a beautiful, happy, fun, sore week in a gorgeous cabin in Colorado. Who wants to go back? 

Spring Banquet? A vintage travel-themed evening at the Lowry Park Zoo—full of globes, roses, fancy dresses, pictures, great speakers and music—and Coldstone catering while we watched "Up!" to finish the night on campus. It was a beautiful end to lots of hard work.

Graduation? Not at all what I imagined. Picture a torrential downpour, moved venue, ruined dress, and miniature audience. But hey, I got my degree. And my brother Micah surprised me and showed up—so I'm happy about it.

My tiny 600-sq-ft apartment is a sweet mix of wood and red decor, free furniture, a TV from ~1947, and a pretty amazing down comforter. Wedding showers and our church families have overwhelmed us with amazing gifts and assistance—we never could have had places to sit or sleep without their generosity. I love cooking in my sweet kitchen with my new cutting boards and dishes and silverware, etc. More about that (we're doing the Whole30 this month) in another post.

My days are full of wedding planning, cooking, learning to coupon, cleaning, job searching, writing thank-you notes, and trying to build up a stock of self-designed prints and wall art for my newly redesigned and soon-to-be growing Etsy shop. (https://www.etsy.com/shop/EmmaginationStation!)

Overall, I'm happy and blessed, trying not to panic in my unemployment, and thankful for a fiancĂ© who is patient with my tears of insecurity, incessant doodling, and overwhelming wedding-opinion questions.

Over the next days and weeks I hope to increase my blog posting and following, and I hope my little snippets of life will encourage and cheer people—even if you aren't planning a wedding or cooking on Whole30 or settling into an apartment or trying to learn how to be a professional letterer. 

Love and thanks for reading and sharing!

From my little corner of the world,