and i will follow you with my whole life

Things I've learned so far this year:

1. There is ALWAYS someone who has life much, much harder. Don't overwhelm yourself with things that aren't important. And don't take for granted that other people's lives are good.

2. Sometimes you just have to sleep.

3. I love history. Even taking the same class AGAIN. I love it.

4. I can't survive without lists. I'm a planner.

5. Working with others is hard.

6. God comforts in ways and with people you never expect.

7. Boys think putting mustard on dorm walls is fun and they get in trouble for it.

8. 3rd floor Terrace girls are CRAZY.

9. Life is precious, leave a Godly legacy for people to aspire to.

10. Andy Grammar and Mat Kearney are perfect for every mood.

11. Being busy doesn't really make me any less sad about my Mamaw being gone.

12. My niece is a genius. Also very cute.

13. I love my Mom and Dad and bros. (I didn't learn that this year, I already knew it.)

14. H24 is the best chapel seat in the house. (And by house I mean Hutchinson)

15. He makes all things beautiful in HIS time. Not mine.


It's gonna be a good year. I love my classes. I'm overwhelmed and challenged, but I love them. Can't believe the first round of tests is already here. Katie Gregory is amazing, and I'm so grateful to know her. The teachers at this school are phenomenal. Nowhere else are they so kind and caring about your soul and grades and emotions. So encouraging.

I'll post a substantial, hopefully useful post soon. Now I should do Greek homework.  I'm reading Erasing Hell by Francis Chan - SO good, so interesting, so sobering. Also Isaiah, which accompanied by my Prophets class has been really interesting and helpful.

Love you all. (Mom, Hayley, JP, and anyone else who stumbles across this scattered post.)