lean on me

I have learned a lot about myself this year. I learned that I CAN control my thoughts and speech and attitude when I work at it. I learned that I don't like being around overly dramatic people, so I probably should stop being one myself. I learned that I'd rather help anyone else with their problems than express or share my feelings. I learned that I love being with people, but I have to have time alone to function and keep my focus. I learned that spirituality starts with YOU and your relationship with God, and then grows with others. But you can't base your spirituality on others.

All of those were important, somewhat surprising, and useful things to know.

I learned a lot about friendships and keeping those who HELP you close. So this blog is for Hayley O'Neal. Because she helps me. I went to breakfast with her this morning and was reminded of what a spiritual bulwark she is. I am able to be myself, be real, be vulnerable, show emotion, and she just listens and gives me encouragement and Godly perspective. Without gossiping or just trying to "make me feel better." And without allowing me to focus on myself or bitterness. Friends like that are so rare, and such a blessing. One I would never have fully appreciated until now. So this blog post is for you, Hayley. Thank you for being loving, prayerful, humble, honest, straightforward, caring, forgiving, and for making me comfortable talking about my struggles. I love you :)